Saving Home

Macon is my home. I love Macon Georgia and I want to see it do better. When I was young, I would dream of leaving Macon and going off to a big city to truly experience life. But when I left Macon I realized the beauty I left. Being stranded 20 hours away from home, in below zero weather for a month, walking a mile and a half to school in Syracuse New York can put things into perspective. When I came home from college and began my internship with the City Planning and Zoning Office I realized I didn’t have to save the world, I had to save home.

They way cities develop and grow in our life time will have adverse social effects to communities directly and indirectly in the path of urbanization. For those who are heavily effected by urbanization, city planners should have the foresight to see potential problems these communities could face due to growth. We must balance the benefits and the burdens if we are to take America forward in the right direction.

I’ll begin saving my home, in hopes it inspires others to save theirs.

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